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By Edmund Tirbutt

The one thing that really struck me about our second night of Canalside Comedy on June 30th was that, whist there were a number of superb performances, there was no undisputed overall audience favourite.

That’s the wonderful thing about mixed-bill comedy. If the promoters have given sufficient thought to the line-up, there should be something to get excited about for everybody. But, at the end of the day, who bossed the occasion is a subjective matter.

Some were adamant that it was Kiwi opener Sully O’Sullivan who stole the show, others were equally sure that it was musical act Tom Taylor or the oh-so-charming Lucy Beaumont.

Frankly, you could hardly get three comics who were more different. Sully’s well-crafted gags and perspective from Down Under were a world apart from local Lucy’s quaint delivery and unforgettable facial expressions, which you suspect would still have people in stiches if they were accompanied by no material whatsoever. Indeed, this lady’s pauses often seem to bring her some of her biggest laughs.

Tom’s wonderfully silly persona and inability to barely start a song, let alone actually finish one, were a real breath of fresh air, and it would be no surprise to see him at some point featuring on Britain’s Got Talent - where they seem to have a penchant for something a bit different.

Throw in also Jonny Pelham’s outsider’s view of life, developed from having to cope with being born with a cleft palate, webbed feet and more nipples than necessary, and MC Richard Massara’s less elevated - but no less funny - array of toilet and bedroom humour, and you were left wondering whether there was in fact any corner of the comedy spectrum we failed to cover in a single event.

This didn’t all happen by accident. Co-promoter Stacey and I spend a huge amount of time trying to dream up and secure an effective blend of acts, and the good news is that we’ve done it again for you for our next gig on September 8th.

You may think you’ve already seen it all at Canalside Comedy but you haven’t yet seen an impressionist, and we’ve secured you one of the best in the business in Danny Posthill. He will be accompanied by acts from as far afield as Canada (David Tsonos) and Australia (Mick Neven) as well as some gems of our own in Nicky Wilkinson from Hull and Rob Coleman from Leicester.

I had the privilege of performing alongside four of these acts during my time as a comedian, and I can assure you that you could not have a stronger and more diversified bill. So, once again, I am expecting arguments to continue long into the night about who was considered top dog.

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