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First evening of comedy at Hebden Bridge Little Theatre

comment from promoter - Edmund Tirbutt

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Stand-up comedy is not a world in which everything necessarily always goes to plan, so co-promoter Stacey and I were left pinching ourselves at seeing weeks of hard work result in a largely seamless first night at Hebden Bridge Little Theatre.

Not even the activities of “Lisa”, a highly persistent and particularly unfunny heckler, threatened to seriously poop the party. Indeed, it is a testament to the experience and professionalism of all the comedians booked that they managed to deal with her both effectively and hilariously.

Before we met, both Stacey and I had quite independently formed the view that the Little Theatre would be a great venue for stand-up, and we feel we have been fully vindicated. This was not just as a result of feedback from the audience but also from the acts themselves.

TV comic Jon Richardson, who produced a barnstorming performance as MC, enjoyed himself so much that he is now keen to MC whenever he is free for one of our gigs. What an honour and a privilege that would be! And Jon isn’t the only one you will be seeing again soon. The lovely Lucy Beaumont will be doing another completely different set at our next comedy night on June 30th.

You may also come across Lucy and Nick Doody – our phenomenal closing act from the first night – occasionally popping up at future gigs in short spots to try out new material. These are likely to be unannounced nice surprises on the night in addition to the official line-ups. We are truly blessed to have such top talent literally living on our door step, and we fully intend to make the most of it!

The feedback we have gleaned from audience members was that we managed to select a really effective and varied combination of acts, ranging from Welshman Noel James with his somewhat surreal one-liners at one extreme to oh-so engaging former teacher Kevin Precious at the other.

We had certainly tried hard enough to achieve the right balance. Stacey and I spend weeks identifying the acts we feel are going to work for you. With her being an ex-promoter and me being an ex-comedian, we are well placed to do this as we have already seen most of them in action – often more than once.

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Jonny Pelham, Sully O’Sullivan and Katie Tracey, who are all booked to perform alongside Lucy Beaumont on June 30, are all comics who have hugely impressed us when seeing them live.

Soon we will be meeting to discuss PR and marketing for the June 30 gig so, if anyone wants to come, I would strongly advise buying tickets now because we don’t know how long stocks will last once we start the push. The first night sold out with within six days!

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